Hair maintenance is a daunting task, especially so when it is constantly exposed to the chemicals and pollution on a daily basis. What can you do in order to prevent the damages that your hair is potentially exposed to? Apply more chemicals! If your answer is to go for a hair spa, then you are doing it wrong. Here are a few natural tips to keep in mind for maintaining your hair:

Cleanse your Hair

Now, how often should you wash your hair? Or how often should you condition your hair? These are a few common questions raised by many women and men. Is too much conditioning bad for your hair? While you are constantly told to moisturize your hair during the winters, the same must be done in moderation to avoid damaging the hair cuticle. Washing your hair too often can lead to drying of hair, and conditioning too often can cause the hair to become very greasy and attract dust and pollution.

Dry your Hair Naturally

You must have seen the ladies in movie dancing away their time while blow drying their hair.  It’s time they start issuing a warning as to ‘too much blow drying is injurious to the health of your hair’. That being said, you must keep a note of the fact that excessive blow drying can cause the hair to lose its natural shine and makes your hair become very brittle and coarse in texture. Let your hair dry naturally and reduce the use of hot iron and curling rod on your locks.

Condition First and Shampoo Later

If you have unmanageable frizzy hair, you can try taming it with reversing the order of hair cleansing. First, completely wash your hair off any dirt and dust with plain lukewarm water and follow it with conditioning. The next step is to rinse your hair. If you follow this routine, once a week, you will visibly notice the difference in the quality of your hair.

Olive Oil and Egg Whites

Applying olive oil to hair can enhance the beauty of your hair, as it makes sure that it imparts a silky texture to your hair locks. Olive oil has been known for ages for imparting benefits to the hair and skin. In other words, it is the magic elixir for the revival of damaged hair. Mixing it with egg whites and applying it to hair can make for a great hair mask.

Silky Hair with Boar Bristles Brush

Much top celebrity hair-stylist have recommended using the boar bristles brush Bristles. These impart a silky shine to your hair. They spread the naturally occurring oil from your scalp to the entire length of your hair, hence, making it very silky.


Hence, caring for your hair naturally is the best way to do so. Natural remedies can also reverse the damage that chemicals may have caused to your hair. Questions like how often should you condition your hair are important to find answers to.

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